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management . Become your own core-bank. CIM: your cash-management Sherpa in 2015


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Special steel industry (production+trade)


Electronics (manufacturers of industrial measuring technique, wage cells, printed circuits/pcs,smd)


International construction and building industries 


Integrated Facility management (Technical and commercial building and infrastructure management, personnel services) and PPP Private-Public-Partnerships (schools)


Real estate economy (Asset- /Property management)


Media economy (several book/magazine/newspaper publishing houses, printing companies, book-outlets)


Waste management industry (cities/municipalities, industry)


Trade /Retailing consumer goods industry, outlet systems


Glass stemware industry (full spectrum of dining and living culture for professional users and private households)


Functional assessment


Finance + Accounting + Controlling (IFRS, UK-GAAP, HGB) + IT +HR + Procurement+ commercial law


Production + technology + logistics


Outsourcing + Offshoring +Shared Services


M&A (due diligence, evaluations, post-deal integration)

Quality management and Risk management systems




Recommand CIM



Corporate Interim   Management - CIM


Management services on

corporate level


Get the facts - Decide

Act - Rewiew 


Each good team needs the man of action; analysis and concept is essential, neverthesless conversion  power is the key-factor to succeed. Go with CIM and going safe




Best practice creates your enterprise new perspectives and

additional approaches to come back to the road


Line management:


Role as Executive Manager, CEO, confidential clerk


Head of Finance, Controlling, IT, Procurement, HR

Risk manager, Scarbanes Oxley act

Quality management systems+ Enviromental auditing systems


Project management


Restructuring, lean-management, Producivity projects,


Cash management systems /Working capital projects

Outsourcing, Offshoring, Shared-Services

M&A: Due diligence, Post-deal- integration







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