The RIGHT things in your survival bag?

With CIM, your Scout on time , always on the track.

Temporarily Management - Solid acting competence and proofed restructuring experience

You are carry final responsibility for the performance and developement of your company?

You see the necessity for a restructuring, you might plan an aquisition in Germany, Austria or Switzerland? You want the company you mergered perform as it was expected ?

You want to know a central important change process briskly and effectively realized? To hesitate would create further risks?

You are a decision maker and need temporary additional professional management support to empower and enrich your teams?

You expect commitment and personal independence, without being bound in the long term?

As an executive , mangaging director, chairman, president or board member, you might keep your personal resources and energies free to manage the strategic goals of your enterprises!

You have a vacancy or foreseeable a vacany in a key management position will cause ? You strive a revirement in your management team but you nevertheless whant temporal frictions ? You have a valid strategy, but it is missing to you at senior conversion power? You whant to be sure not to deal with young professionels with a degree only ?

Time is vital because a high-priority corporate project demands cross

functional operational expertise now


You are looking for Excellence ! CIM steps in and makes change happen

Corporate Interim management (CIM) accompanied for over 13 years, working in the role as a temporarily CEO, CFO or Chief Operating Officer, clients in selected industries, to realize their challenging projects. 25 years industrial experiences, also in companies abroad with cross culture styles. CIM works at a high level of proofed management and communication skills and personal leadership power to motivate your staff to work for excellence - up from shop floor people to corporate level staff.

Core competence of all personal services of CIM is to transfer strategical goals into operational tailored and comprehensive proceedings. Outside - In approach with strong communication inside and outside the company with all the stake-holders involved. High speed management, which provides you a more stronger and competetive position on your market-places.

CIM is focussed on delivering the results, implementing and executing rather than enabling and advising. CIM is driven by client needs.

CIM management offers you state of the art Interim Management skills, approaches and leadership only which are evaluated and qualified within a lot of successfully projects with sustainable performance. Proper vetting only. This services we offer you at fair and competitive daily fees.

With CIM as your temporarily Executive counterpart you receive professional and innovative management power with highest committments and best added value. Your permanent management team will be empowered too.Your contracting partner will be the same as in the operation itself..

Privacy in all directions is implicit basis of all contacts and requests. Take up contact with CIM. We solve the tasks your company or business units are faced with.

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» Corporate Interim Management - CIM

Management services on

corporate level

» Get the facts - Decide –

Act - Rewiew

Each good team needs the man of action; analysis and concept is essential, neverthesless conversion power is the key-factor to succeed.

Chose the interim route with CIM - going safe

» Innovative

Best practice creates your enterprise new perspectives and

additional approaches to come back to the road

Line management:

Role as Executive Management and confidential clerk


Head of Finance, Controlling, IT, Procurement, HR

Riskmanagement Systems/Scarbanes Oxley act

Quality management systems+ Enviromental auditing systems

Project management

Restructuring, Lean management, Producivity projects,


Cash management systems /Working capital projects/asset stripping

Outsourcing, Offshoring, Rightsizing

M&A: Due diligence, Post-merger integration

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